Searching for eggs hidden in messy

An Easter tradition for children is the hunt for eggs and the basket of goodies that includes edible treats and toys in the form of springs promise of life returning after winter. The searching and finding of treasures are ancient and reminiscent of the gathering ancestors who found food by searching through natural landscapes. Built into the deep psyche is a behavior of seeking and finding the treasure, also known as a ’needle in a haystack.’

What hidden treasures are you going to discover today?

Watching people sort and mine trash, clutter, and junk is increasingly influencing my creative work. Favorite TV shows like Pickers, Storage Wars, Gold Rush, and Antique Auction are great examples of people who make a living by searching and finding things of value that are hidden or overlooked.

I’ve collected a few dreams to reflect on the mess and how my unconscious repents and presents the messy, clutter, trash, and junk. Perhaps, like a dog with a bone, its the most prized treasures that we hide away in the cloke of confusion?


Clutter Dream

In summer I’m having company come over and I’m trying to move tables and chairs and clutter upstairs into the attic room so that the downstairs looks clean before the company arrives. It’s stressful because there’s water on the floor or something and there is a ladder upstairs instead of stairs. I think my family is here.


Trash dream

Visiting reality church. C and H brought huge guys. I almost missed the off ramp its a maze of underground streets but we show up right at the entrance. I walk in first and hand the guy a metal ring ticket. He asks where I’m from. Seats all mish mashed everywhere. Huge building with building being constructed within it. A young trashy white Hawaii mom yells profanity at her sparkly kid to be quiet. They start by presenting a check from a private donor. I was tweeting but told not to be the press.


Messy dream

Talking to B about her new job with a company that helps people diversify their spending habits I show her the three different types of pages – I’m waking up in my messy room – from list to detail to category she gives us a bunch of breakfast breads I am enjoying the last chocolate croissant immensely. I’m glad she got to see my home life. Then the guy shows – the immigrant builder – and she says this is their other / new and better business idea.