Mermaid alphabet coloring book, stickers, and stamp kit for kids of all ages

To share the mermaids I’ve mailed them off to a few kids and asked them what they think. Hearing from their parents the kids are inspired to make their own art and go play at the beach is the best possible result 💛🧡❤️.

The images are also fun to share, I hope you enjoy them as mush as I do. If you would the the PDF to print your own mermaid coloring book, I would be happy to email it to you.

R loves the coloring book and stickers. She had me color with her, she’d color the girl and I’d color the boy. We had to do 5 letters a day (she would have done more but I made us stop). After the first letter or two, she started thinking up a theme for each one. For example, B was bad so we used colors to make the B mermaids look and feel like “the bad or rebellious kids.” For some letters, we couldn’t think of a word so we’d Google it. I don’t remember the word we found for P but it meant the colors between green and orange. That was a fun one to color! She also made us vote for who did the best for the theme (almost always her haha) and that person got to put the sticker on the page. Thanks for sharing with us!

In addition to the stickers and coloring book I also created stamp kits for more materials to play with and inspire creatively expressing emotions.