Reality and Illusion – Recent Dreams

My dreams have been wild recently and not appropriate for a public blog. I have been dreaming more and more in recent weeks but some center around feelings of distorted reality and confusion I can share. Also themes of shadow and light with shocking and disturbing imagery I’ve been working within active imagination. One technique that is working on expanding the dreams is switching my perspective and revisiting the scene from another character.

Image portal dream

I’m in a room with many hallways and many new doors but the doors are magical, and you have to go to flow to or sink into them, and they will transport you someplace, and I think I’m doing it but then I am not. I wonder if there’s any magic word these are just pictures and books on the wall that transport is in mind and the body goes nowhere.


Failing to explain

In a room with him again. I want to show him the light and shadow that makes my small figures on the cabinet look like singing groups, But when he watches it all falls apart. Then I’m looking at a beautiful coastal scene with a group, and I explain this ocean view home is less expensive because you can’t see the city. Then we are in the boat, and a scary wave comes that turns out to be perfect for pushing the boat to shore, and I get out. One of the women speaks of a secret organization or history but stops because it’s a secret. I’m painting a face and adding brush strokes that make the big portrait look like the nose is running, but somehow I like it. There is a smaller similar one too.


Circular carwash defense

In water, in a cage, certainly aware that there are zombies trying to reach you through the mash and then I find the bottom is open and the two of us jump up out of the water and into the house alerting everyone in the house that the zombies are coming and locking doors we run into mom and dad‘s bedroom, and dad says he’s already been bitten and we can see part of the face go soft, and so we run and then we follow the line of crap to a perfect hiding place. Amazing circle walls at a car wash where people are gathering to defend themselves.

Famous spiral staircase in Vatican museums in monochrome look