investing time in #survival and #safety – #lifetools with #ark

I’ve started a new virtual reality / massive-multiplayer online mobile (phone or tablet) game. ARK is a role playing experience-learning basic life skills in a wild world where dinosoise wonder. It’s my summer break for all the environmental stress. Nina is also giving her heart and grounding out the feelings.

Thank you, Karsen, for introducing me to Alberta Hunter. Thank you, Jennifer, for introducing me to Nina Simone.

Why reality is broken:, quotes from Jane McGonigal

“I had to make it up as I went along, bringing together different findings from psychology, cognitive science, sociology, economics, political science, and performance theory in order to try to figure out exactly what makes a good game work.”

“When you strip away the genre differences and the technological complexities, all games share four defining traits: a goal, rules, a feedback system, and voluntary participation.”

“We need to play games that stretch our collective commitment months, years or even decades ahead. We need to start playing with the future.”

“Collaboration isn’t just about achieving a goal or joining forces; it’s about creating something together that would be impossible to create alone.”

My experience playing ARK

Have I somehow ended up with MrTickleClown as a username?

I’ve been executed by jellyfish as well as water by dinosaurs-lol

@Exelentise, can I switch from private to public servers in ARK? I also somehow have different survivors on the iPad and iPhone…

Every time I die I spawn farther from my goal, and I add to my quest of visiting all the places I’ve died to collect lost items. I’m getting a bit discouraged, but I think the trick is to forget the immediate quest and craft a weapon to ward off the 🦕

I dropped my whole bag, thinking it would just be all the expired berries-ones that I ate and got sick from. Is there anyway to pick the bag 💼? It just kinda catches fire if I hit it and the it’s decomposing – seems the same with my old corpse.

Visit ARK: