Visual notes thinking about trauma and transcendence

Program Description

Ann Ulanov – Trauma and transcendence: A spatiotemporal framework for opening to new experiences

Craig E Stephenson – A Soldier’s Story: Trauma, Trickster and Transcendence

Donald Kalsched – Glimpses through the veil: Encounters with the numen of clinical work

Lionel Corbett – A depth psychological approach to fundamentalism and terrorism

Tanya Luhrmann – Is the shaman schizophrenic, after all? How religious practice may change distressing voice hearing

Ann Taves – Trauma, transcendence, and culture:  The role of appraisal processes in distinguishing spiritual, anomalous, and psychotic experiences

Polly Young-Eisendrath – The Gates of Mercy: Portals of Transcendence According to Jung and Buddhism

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