Selecting the right paint brush for your art

Below are images from my brush collection and you can see I have a clear preference for square and round paint brush styles. I’m also including some dream statements that include the words character (1) and style in this post.

Paint brushes have personality or characteristics that change with use. Selection on a brush for painting starts with it’s basic style but quickly becomes unique.

Recently I was gifted calligraphy brushes, they are so white and clean. I’m looking forward to playing with these new Asian art bush styles! Transitioning to watercolor and inks is part of my commitment to a sustainable art studio practice. Non toxic materials and reuse of materials is the start.

Characters chase each other flying through the sky

an older bike with style

I love the new style she has

Old but beautiful style

He tells her her hair is out of fashion

Old style straight and long

She is open to a makeover

What’s in style? My clothes are old

Amusement park style

NY style Appetizers

driving styles