Happy and train dreams plus recent photos

A selection of ‘happy’ and ‘train’ statements from my dream journal along with random photos I’ve taken recently.

happy Dream statements

I’m in the attic hiding my tracks in the dust as the owner arrives I decide not to hide and he sees me and recognizes me holding Lucky and seems happy to see me.

happy women wearing clothing I made.

I found a folder with memories from Louisa‘s travels including a pair of glasses sunglasses that she wore the matched her shirt I made me happy

Train dream statements

I’m on a train ands it’s also a news room.

Since when did bike trains become a thing?

On a train being attacked by machine guns, I find cute kids in the back. When I exit the train family is waiting

Animals on attack, In the train we hide, I’m in the ceiling, Listening and watching

I’m trying to hide it by shoving it through the rocks of the train tracks but then the person next to me sees it and brings it back out and we have a longer conversation about how to safely get rid of guns.

Trouble catching the train

A building

Red dots of concern in my chest

I made a piece of art and I was traveling on the train always on the first one

In an artist studio club and he’s leading us through the place room after room. Then I to the underground cave, huge with a train track and path to a moving wall. It’s dangerous and intimidating and I do t want to try to climb through.

I’m on a train, It’s busy and loud, I need to make a call, Switching cars, The second is so quiet, The train dips and turns, Like a roller coaster

On the train but grandma and I fly out on the curve over the water and fall deep into the ocean. I watch as we both rise to the surface- it takes forever but we make it.

Two died near the train tracks, I’m seeing the past, The reason there are monuments, Heads of men and horse emerged from the gravel. What did they do?