Dark dreams and altered sill life photos

A collection of dream journal statements with the word ‘dark’ mixed with recent digital still life photos taken on iPhone 📱 7 of my art.

Dark dream statements

Dark clouds.

Dark leader man dream, entrapped in fulfilling a role for magic

-I take the light even though I was reaching for the dark

Stuck in a small bathroom something in the darkness is coming for me scream for help twice and I wake myself up

Help me

Help me

Walking along the narrow cliff to the edge of the temple at the water to see it guarded and dark dead bodies on the ground

The first time I was there it was cold and dark and I was alone and I was very excited when someone (mother?) Shut up with lights for the house but I couldn’t get bright enough for me really. Later I was traveling down the road with new nights. I turn the lights on teleported it was day this time when I reach the cabin I teleported there there were two other people there. This was a confusing home.

Going down a long driveway lined with cups of gifts and statues to be taken something at seen before that remark on how wonderful it is. Ending up in a pool on vacation with others as mermaids swim toward us the siren and grab us me and looks into my eyes don’t cover all my darkness and she replies that there is nothing there and then I am fine.

After we had our stand off, he helped me get the elevator working. It came down with a crash and hurt his finger. Me and the other girl rode up together- looking at each other intense and I say we have some trust as murders because we have kept each others secrets. We reach the top and I’m distracted by a business call. I wonder why the guys have not joined us up in the tree house, I’m worried.

I think about switching rooms. This one is nice with dark pink.