Unicorn and room dreams

She is doing doing a Facebook live all sparkly with her unicorn in matching dance fashion – impressive

I’m in a new house with three rooms and a kitchen. There 3 people, one for each room. The order of who’s room is who’s matters because you have to walk through the rooms one by one and the person in the front will have two people walking through their space every day while the person in the back has privacy. What room do you want?

In a room with him again. I want to show him the light and shadow that makes my small figures on the cabinet look like singing groups. But when he looks it all falls apart.

We somehow spend the night in a room at the amusement park. We mess up the bed and hurriedly try to put it back together in the am. We don’t know what the consequences will be. I hear someone approaching and stuff all our things into a bag. We stop to laugh for a moment at the huge checkbook we have. The woman comes in and says we can’t be there – we leave.

I’m in a room with many hallways and many new doors but the doors are magical and you have to go to flow to or sink into them and they will transport you someplace and I think I’m doing it but then I am not. I wonder if there’s any magic word these are just pictures and books on the wall that transport is in the mind and the body goes nowhere.

Later I’m in a big Spanish hotel room

We rent it as its full of our family and friends eating and celebrating our marriage

From a distance I hear her say she is pregnant again. Her 4

I see the young man light the woods on fire and I watch in horror as the tree crashes down onto the beautiful house and destroys it. this child.

We try to rescue the angry man who’s head is trapped between furniture.

We get a ride home in the back of a delivery truck. Two other girls with instruments tag along. They get off but one wants to be taken someplace else. The male drivers say nothing but we drive off without her.

I need a drink. He is here. She pours a drop and smiles. A few lead cars and he exits from the fancy one at the back. I think his mother is here too. He wants me back.

Mom and dad are sleeping in the living room. The house is all in disarray. They borrow their big bed. It’s smaller than I thought as they walk out the door carrying it and the frame too.