Art therapy, Past Trauma, and Sexual Assault

I, like many people, am extremely triggered by the political focus on sexual assault issues and the #metoo movement. Some of my art speaks to my traumatic experiences. This post includes a collection of my past work that relates to this issue. I encourage you to find a creative outlet to express your feelings too, that’s why I share mine. The real and graphic traumas being described in the legal process dominating the media at this moment is in stark contrast to the very human emotions of expressing the hidden realities of lasting and significant harm from sexual assault. What are the consequences for the perpetrators and the victims?? It takes courage to publically accuse someone more powerful, who can and has hurt you, of sexual assault when it’s a ‘gray’ area. I haven’t done it and can’t even think about reconnecting in any way with these past people without getting upset. I’m so happy Ford has the will to speak for those of us who can’t and I hope we find a better way.