Death dreams

In a spaceship 🚀 and its being torn apart. I listen to the noise of everything breaking apart and all I want to know is if I’ve pleased you.

He’s possessed by a demon the room fills with water she dies before I break the glass

I have very vivid and intense dreams last night it started with a girl and a story about how she and her obsession lived under my house and eventually committed suicide there was a larger story about her sadness as well I was telling it to a detective I took him down to see where she had died and the notes that were written on the wall and as we emerged very dramatically she also came out from behind the wall the detective and the girl who looked a little like Amy from high school immediately recognized each other he asked her abruptly why did you call me here she replied there were two men and they came and I knew we needed to deal with what was happening. Together they wandered off and I was left kind of shocked that are interstate and what seem like more lucid dreaming I was aware I was dreaming and flying through clouds over and see with thunder and lightning I wanted to smell I wanted to feel and expand the dream that seem so real then there was an eye very up close like an old eye or an IRA that was scarred over and wounded that slowly closed and that I was in an amusement park seen near man that I loved reaching out to Kiss soon flying holding onto the bars of a contraption that rotated and seem to moveIt’s seem to move it and I will going round hi or low depending on how I wanted to swing the large circular thing it was exhilarating and fun and scary and I could feel how powerful my hands were holding onto the rail.