Loneliness and shame dreams #lonely

What is loneliness? I watched a couple YouTube videos tonight about it and got curious about it’s connection to shame. Could my dream journal bring awareness to aspects of myself that I’ve cut off from and could I heal by connecting to these parts? I didn’t use the word lonely or loneliness once but I had a few with the word, ‘alone’. Click here to watch Teal Swan’s video and hear her explain loneliness.

Alone dream statements

The birdcage catches my attention and I wander over horrified to see that perhaps I forgotten to feed the birds I can’t remember when I fed them last and the one in the middle looks sick but the one on the top looks OK and then I noticed there’s a decapitated head decaying on the side I threw the head of the trash along with some other body parts and I vow to take better care of the birds.

The song boyfriend is following me around and I turn around and tell him clearly and loudly to go away and leave me alone. And then I meet Amy Schumer and he’s following Amy Schumer and she becomes kind a like my friend and the guy doesn’t bother her.

At the Birthday party. I had to use the bathroom. Part of the wall was missing. So I pee and some could see. If they looked. Then the water over flowed. And I had to ask him to help. He did. And then he kissed me. In front of everyone. Now they know. We love eachother. I’m so happy. Everyone goes and we are alone.

Shame dream statements

Good. A town in the middle of a desert, ringed by an ocean lake. Two girls swimming and me topless. Dad’s nearby but it’s not awkward. Two sisters both pregnant by the same man, but not much shame here.

She built her room. Full of light. Modern. She went to her crystals. Ground them up. Put them in lines. Drugs? Salt? She sniffed and inhales the first line. And says, Our neighbors. Two balconies. Alternating open and close. I shower. No shame. Preparing meat for dinner. I drop it on the floor. Not good. But we save it.

He said I owe him. He cut the valued leather out of the car. On the second passenger side he cut a wire that sent power to the car. It killed the car. I rolled it to a place in the shade. I felt shame and anger. Other people were talking. I wanted to tell my story. Publish it on the website people were going too. But access to the web was limited. Only a ghost of what was left I could see. I got out my Inc and put the top of the jar on the table some gold ink spilled. The guy said he like gold ink there. I felt a little better here.