Grandpa and Grandma dreams

I had a dream last night that I was a child again hanging out with my grandpa or perhaps it was my great grandpa. What I remember most from the dream is the wonderful feeling quality between a kid and an elder, from the perspective of the kid. It made me curious what other statements I’ve made about love in my dreams. It also make me curious what active imagination would be like if I imagined the reverse, and imagined the elder point of view. I might share some results of the exploration in the future.

Five grandpa dream statements

  • Grandpa speeds away driving dangerously fast of the road without really looking then I see two twins
  • Working with grandpa on creating a filter for the pool.
  • Later grandpa makes fun of his shadow self investing in his talents and I suggest you think about mining.
  • At grandpa’s and grandma’s house and looking down at people outside collecting entrance fees.
  • In grandpa garage confused about returning bikes and other things.

Five grandma dreams statements

  • The grandma’s place of death has tapes of her last days, recording love conversations that surprise and we don’t listen to them.
  • Searching for clothes at grandmas house
  • I’m at grandmas house in the kitchen I’m getting a piece of cake out of a special kind of device
  • Watching the fire burn toward us from grandmas house
  • Asking grandma to come get me