Update on my outdoor travel art studio – adding solar power and other essentials

This Christmas I added a few things to my mobile art studio like a solar power kit to charge my cell phone, umbrella, grass mat, and a portable hula hoop.

Mini travel size things are essential when you drive a tiny car and like to work outdoors. I’ve posted a lot about mobile studios since I took an undergraduate program in creative entrepreneurship at the Kansas City Art Inst. in 2004.

My travel/outdoor studio includes supplies to do different types of art activities like dancing, painting, sculpture, digital art, writing, and includes retail items for sale as well as free promotional stuff.

I can’t wait to try out this new set up for real. Today I took a few photographs while sorting and organizing. It’s difficult to pair down what I’m bringing so that it fits inside the small car. I’m thinking a little trailer might be necessary because the essentials are expanding.