My Collection of Tarot and Other Spiritual Card Decks

A deck of cards can be as utilitarian as flash cards for memorizing facts or it can be a full-on transformative spiritual experience. My interest in tarot cards started in high school when Michelle gifted me a set written in Italian. I still have the deck. The collection has expanded to about 25, and that what you see here. I’ve even made two sets of my own cards, Original Odyssey and Mermaid Love Letters.


There are many styles for reading cards. The basic ritual is to create a space that feels special. This space might include a candle, a cloth, and a bell or musical tone. Marking the transition from normal reality to an alternate reality is important as the beginning and the end of a reading. The cards can be arranged in a specific layout to add meaning to the reading and most decks come with instructions.

I enjoy doing a reading for myself and my friends. It’s a way to activate the imagination and enter a more fantastical world where anything is possible. Over the years I’ve seen many skeptics change their minds about this process because the random cards speak so profoundly to the issues on their minds.