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Participating in experiential project design by momentum projectlab

Today I participated in a group visioning session as part of a series in phase 3 of Santa Barbara County is creative communities project. The creative communities project will result in a strategic arts plan for the Santa Barbara County and is being created by momentum projectlab out of LA.

I really enjoyed participating in the ideation process. As a group we identified thing that we would like to see happen, the problems or blocks and solutions. All the information from the visit visioning sessions will be available on the county website below is a picture of the two business cards and a couple shots from the class. This session took place today at CAW, (community arts workshop) a space in downtown Santa Barbara.

I have so far participated in two similar types of creative ideation processes. One was hosted at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art by an organization focused on design thinking to find solutions for arts education in Santa Barbara The second one was a visioning session at google and managed by the burning man organization to help select the ideal sculptures for their new facility.

I really love these workshops and their impact on community and culture!!

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