Spring cleaning the outdoor/mobile studio

My full outdoor and mobile studio setup is changing and evolving! A studio is both a place, a collection of materials, and a creative practice all rolled into one. The best way to design is by doing. Today a new low table design, that fits on top of the red wagon, emerged in the process. The center or belly of the wagon contains random scrap materials for upcycling into art.



Now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer, it’s time to work outside! I rolled out three things with wheels and lots of boxes and art supplies; the red wagon, the bike wagon, and the metal shelving. You can see below the progress of setting up. In the left frame of the image I’m unpacking the wagon, in the center it’s open, and lastly, the table and all the items are set out. Below the comparison are two 360 photos. The first is an inverted ‘tiny planet’ perspective that put the sky in the center. The last is a classic tiny planet perspective.





What do you think?

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