Mermaid Birthday Party Kits, Free Birthday Card and the Cypress Galley

Thanks to some suggestions from SEO expert Shane Hampson at, I’ve started creating a mermaid party kit! The kit includes decorations to display for celebrating a birthday and the creative activity as well as some take-home treats like stickers. The new item is the 100 coloring books, the fabric scarf designs, and the name flags. The items are for sale on the Foreverbird Studio site (click here).

What material should you use in your coloring book?

Well, the answer to that is EVERY material! If you don’t know where to start, try this simple test of asking yourself what sticker do you like best?


There are SO many materials you can use in a coloring book and it makes a great educational tool to use different materials in the book. I’m promoting the use of pastels because they are messy, fun and you don’t have to sharpen them. You can buy a set of NuPastels with the party kit and I like them because they are harder than other chalk pastels. Below is one photo from my coloring book supplies. It includes; prismacolor watercolor pencils, nupastels, chalk pens, cryola twisters, sharpies, I added a few more from my own coloring at the end of the post.



Free Happy Birthday Mermaid Card

Mermaid Love Letter Greeting Cards2

Phone of my first pages in the mermaid coloring book – 1st edition of 100 printed

I’m working on bringing my mermaid art show to life next year at the Cyress Gallery in Lompoc. I’ll be working to complete the mermaid show proposal I started a few years ago. You can read the old post here. I’ve refined the community workshop to include the coloring book and an exploration on media such as chalk and pen.