Holding the line for life, art, culture

Love is the burning point of life, and since all life is sorrowful, so is love. The stronger the love, the more the pain. Love itself is pain, you might say -the pain of being truly alive. […] But love bears all things. […] Love itself is pain, you might say – the pain of being truly alive. – Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

It is not easy to advocate for the creative life or love at this time in history, because it’s complex and mechanical systems require precise consistency. I have witnessed environments disappearing that allow for creative thinking, culture, art, life and the humanities to blossom.

Is life dangerous? Are we all sure to die? The tension between the powerful creative forces and fear/avoidance of comprehension when it comes to the paradoxical nature of life is sticky. Yet comprehension is connection and by placing value in playful creative environments it’s possible to have symbolic experiences that real do keep life in balance. It’s not easy to hold a paradoxical idea and yet it’s as simple as flipping a coin. Is it heads or tails? It’s both! Below are a couple other examples of flipping ideas around.

Saftey is dangerous

We have all taken safety to such a degree that we have stopped using our safety and risk muscles. We rely on everyone else around us and rules and regulations to maintain our safety. If we follow the 3 Mission-Critical Elements described in the talk, our families, our workplaces and our communities will all be safer. Spike Edwards was raised in on a small farm in Australia. His father was a 5th generation farmer and Spike’s mother, a polio victim, taught him that life was an adventure, stand up for what you believe to be true and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

Myths are truths

Emerging myths, emerging archetypes: everyday life in the quantum universe 

Exploring what’s new and different

Holding the line is also balancing or containing the paradoxical. It’s the side of the coin. It’s the sphere of it’s flipping motion perceived by me. It’s the curiosity to discover what’s new and the courage to love.