Naked Bike Trailer Plans – Is my math, ​right?

Finally, I’m getting around to calculating the board feet I need to create the frame for my mini-gallery aka bike trailer aka mobile dog house. These plans are simplified to a basic box with one window and garage-style side doors. It’s a starter kit for the small scale model you see in the upper right corner of the construction plans.

The original vision included a balcony, sunroof, and reading nook. These days I imagine the project being more performance art prop and less like a vacation camper. I’m keeping the design flexible, simple, and empty so it can be easily modified for different projects. I am excited about collaging this one an upcycling jewelry and jewelry box gallery is going to be the first one. Its sub-theme will be mermaids, and I plan to take it to the beach with me! I purchased locks so it will be safe while I go swimming.

2018 soul collage art

Construction Plans

I purchased six boards at a total guess because I was excited to get started and then decided to draw some plans. These pine boards sell for about $5 each, and I need to get 25 more! Does anyone want to check my math? It’s going to be like 35 lbs. It will carry up to 110 pounds so I can add tons of supplies. It looks like this addition to my cart is going to cost somewhere about $250 to build. I also need Coroplast for walls and tape to hold them together. I have screws and other tool supplies already.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 2.11.18 PM

Shopping List