Art and Travel Adventure Magazines, Self Publishing mixed media

There’s nothing quite like having a book or a magazine in your hands. This is particularly the case if the magazine or a book is tactile in its nature with the use of various papers and ink methodology. There are lots of examples of small edition publications or self published art magazines and books out there. I’m going to share three.


My grandfather contributed to Art/Life magazine and I was exposed to these amazing multimedia magazines at a very young age.


Art/Life founder Joe Cardella had asked artists to submit and mail original artworks from all over the world to be compiled into limited edition magazines. As a way to increase accessibility to contemporary art practice, Art/Life documented the lives of the artists, their thoughts, emotions, and creative processes through the transition from industrial to digital art practice. The magazine’s legacy can be seen at MoMa, the Guggenheim, Getty, and LACMA, portraying a global consciousness and collaboration between distanced networks of contemporary artists. – source

A collection of traveletters

Recently I ran across one publication from a neighbor’s world tour on a motorcycle 🏍 ! Undoubtedly I was deeply inspired by my neighbors David and Nancy Bramsen. I remember listening to their stories and being truly inspired to see and draw the world like they had!! While I haven’t spoken to Dave or Nancy is years, I do know they had kids. While looking for a link to his art, I found a great new series from a Motorcycle trip his son published! Check it out:



Mitra’s trio of art project scope books from 2003

I found three books on my own past entitled, Herbs and the body, Journeys for a new experience, and Drawing taxonomy and observation outside. It’s not surprising that all these things are still top on my list. I have since 2008 my journaling has been primarily digital although I still make lots of physical art as well. The multimedia includes videos and audio. And while I’m not quite up to a motorcycle I am working on my bike studio this summer. Some projects really do take a very long time to develop!!