Achieving a work life balance with a 360 digital media bike trailer

Progress on the bike trailer design: it’s becoming a 360 digital media studio. When I bike to the beach or park I can bring this little trailer for my own use and then some to mix work with exercise! Achieving a work life balance is important and somehow this is my solution.
Equipment assembled so far includes a solar panel, a battery with USB ports for electronic devices like the iPhone, lights, and speaker. I’m also inspired by the burning man spirit of community gifting. This bike trailer is a little island in nature to charge electronics using solar energy that is a great thing to share with others exploring remote locations. It’s especially important for me with my iPhone that doesn’t hold a charge long anymore 😅.




Work in progress photos

Adjust the sections to see abstracted profiles like a rocket 🚀 and house 🏠.
It can also be seen as a small chair and big jewelry box.
I added wood to reinforce the chair, taped everything on the surface and then added another layer of tape and stickers.





🏠 Doll House


Jewelry box




Storage 81AD4173-5E7C-4518-BC69-2AC6960BA792

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