Weight and balance challenges, bike art studio trailer update

I’m guilty of getting too excited and forgetting what I told myself about packing. I knew the drawers needed to be empty and yet I filled them. I knew all the weight had to be in the bottom and yet I packed extra things on top.

  • Too heavy to bike uphill.
  • Too light in the center so the back wheel of the bike pops up.
  • Top unit slowly sliding off the back of the trailer.


Traveling light as an artist is a lot of equipment elimination. I’m exploring traditional and non traditional studio environments. I think the bike size is just too small for the materials I need in my art creative practice and supplies for being out in nature. It works ok for a digital studio! The car would hold the red wagon art, yoga and dance supplies.


Also, I like to travel farther distances for longer periods of time than a bike allows. I want at least a day and night at a hotel, camping spot, or scenic park to get creative. Therefore, I’m back to the Miata size travel studio and thinking seriously about a larger car. But I’m going to try the bike design again, with only digital and a hoop with yoga mat.

Some are asking, ‘Is this mobile studio project utilitarian or just art?’ I consider it art practice research. My question is, how do outside settings impact my inner world and can art show that relationship. Currently I travel and do digital design and mixed media drawing, photography, writing, and always something new in the mix.



How I feel in relationship to my environment impacts me and I push the boundaries of belonging. Today I found myself unable to reach my destination and resting on the road side, in an ambiguous place. I adjusted the bike weight and made it back home comfortably. Next time I pack it I will remember to leave the drawers empty and only put weight in the bottom.



  1. Wow this is really cool! But it must be tiring to bike with so many things attached to​ it…
    As a fellow(but pretty young) artist, I would like to ask if you know any good spots that you would recommend to boost your spirit of creativity.

    1. Yes, exactly. this was a failed test run. Next time I’ll bring minimal supplies. I like to boost the creative spirit by visiting the beach or other public recreational parks.

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