New Painting: Dip into your dreams



Standing back from this painting I felt a shock at the realization that it was suddenly done. The second wave of the surprise hit me just as fast, I like this painting. The colors are bold and muddy at the same time. It holds together just barely and I’m resisting the urge to tidy lines and calm color. Its texture and color are represented poorly in the photographs. The black and white highlights the composition and the 360 image distortions I’m exploring in my work.

360 photo and painting

I’m getting ready to show mermaid related work from the last two years in February 2020 at Cypress Gallery in Lompoc. I’ll be collaborating with Jojo, Eric, and Zulema again. We have been discussing a valentine’s day theme and this will be a great show.

See two years of painting in progress

A digital video sketch of the painting in progress and more stuff below. I started this painting on new years of 2018. I make videos along the way as sometimes there are large chunks of time when I just look at the image. It changes so much and reminds me that I have a reductive creative process. That means I build up the image quickly and then take things away as I get close to done.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.28.08 PM

You can also see a live stream I did on Periscope.TV of the start>>





360 video and photos



The sketch from a lecture at the JSSS portland conference that inspired the title