)’( 🔥 2019, Personal / Non-commercial 360 Photos #BRC2019

I camped with Enclave at 9 and A with the Pyrobar this year, 2019. My parents camped at center camp around 10 with Dead Dave’s Blacklight Lounge.

360 video of the man burning

The sound is amazing and close your eyes to get the full impact. The you tube is a flat 360 version. To see it really, click here to view and interact with the full 360 video: https://s.insta360.com/p/51473f9a3e37fc038868a604a3be185f – it’s best on a mobile device and goggles!!


every participant in Black Rock City with a camera agrees they will:

Not distribute imagery that violates personal privacy (eg. nudity, illegal acts).
Not use media in any promotional or commercial manner.
Remove images from distribution if requested.



    1. It’s BRC2019 🙂 I added a five minute 360 video of my walk from the outer ring to the man after he fell – the sound is my favorite part!

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