Photos from #fringefestival and International Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland 2019

We (Mystic Sisters Tracy and Lisa) stopped in to see over 20 different performances during August for the Festivities in Edinburg, Scotland.

It’s been going on for over 40 years and I think you could attend each year going forward for as long as you can and continue to find inspiration.  From single person to performances to troops that worked in dance, music, and visual art – such as books, stage design, costumes and the like. The city itself and its history is enough to fill several days. I didn’t make it out into the country but hope to visit next time.


performances from Fringe Festival 2019

  1. KNOT Assembly Roxy (Upstairs)
  2. The Incident Room—1 hr 30 mins — Pleasance
  3. Roots – Church Hill Theater (international)
  4. Birth—1 hr 15 mins Pleasance Beyond
  5. The Words are There  1 hr Venue 53 The Space@Surgeon’s Hall-Theatre One
  6. Working on my night moves 1 hr Summerhall—Old Lab
  7. Die! Die! Die! Old People Die! 1hr—Summerhall
  8. Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation—The Studio (international)
  9. Ivanka Play – Underbelly (Tokyo Rose)
  10. Until the Flood—1 hr 10 mins—Traverse
  11. Are we not drawn forward onto a new era?
  12. Bobby & Amy Pleasance Courtyard—Venue 33
  13. Sh!t 1 hr Summerhall
  14. The Afflicted 1 hr 10 mins–Summerhall
  15. Beep Boop
  16. The last of the pelican daughters
  17. Tramagirl
  18. Qing Snake at Venue 45 in theSpace @ Venue45
  19. Night walk of Edinburgh  (international)
  20. Edinburg Tattoo – Military Bands




  1. I am standng in kitchen with a BIG smile on my face. What a magnificent time we had in such an inspiring city. Wall to wall creativity. These photos bring back such beautiful memories Mitra. Thankyou.x

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