Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation

This summer the Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation updated their website technology platform from a self-hosted site to a Squarespace website. The content and navigation are similar but feature larger images and fonts. Along with style updates, the new site has a responsive design and forms. We completed this project in about three months and two group design sessions. Upgrades to the website are ongoing, and now the updates will be easier for everyone! Click the image below to visit the new site.

Still in a natural setting, Creekspirit has evolved over the years into a “Garden of Art” in which have been installed many of Patti Jacquemain’s mosaic pieces produced over the years, reflecting the essence of her artistic creativity. Creekspirit is located on the banks of seasonal Mission Creek in Santa Barbara’s Mission Canyon area. It comprises over two acres of redwood trees, native plants, ferns, flowers, and mosaic art.

To carry out its mission and guide its activities, the Foundation has developed a four-point program. (1) We provide educational programs for both children and adults on wildlife and wildlife preservation in California and other regions of the West. (2) We support the conservation of wildlife and help wildlife in need and support wildlife preservation initiatives through collaboration with other like-minded nonprofit organizations. And we provide inspiration for the future of wildlife through our Wildlife Library, the Dome of the Great Bear and the Creekspirit Mosaic Gardens of Wildlife Art.