Friday the 13th! 3 dreams with the word ‘party’ to inspire magic

Below are three dreams from my journal that all include the word, party. I’ve combined the words with images from stock art. The featured image is from Dead Dave’s Blacklight Lounge, my family’s theme camp, at this years Burning Man. (more photos here)

What do you dream about? Can your dreams help you live a more authentic and inspired life? Working with dreams is a subjective and abstract process. Often, the dream influences reality or visa Versa and so the image is familiar. Occasionally something new emerges that supprises the ego. What stood out today is the odd words in the margin or seemingly orphaned comments. This bullet point at the bottom of one entry (from September 21, 2016 – almost exactly 2 years ago) sparked my interest for more investigation:

  • Mentoring a young star and being on a creative team. My role is to keep him centered and authentic 

Party dreams

See black whale car with, calendar, plate that’s party bus.


Party and gl family gathering
Big bathroom
Lost privacy
Cute baby with goggles
Overfilled tub
Making friends with blond chick


By Holly Cline at Dead Dave’s Blacklight Lounge


Party mixing clear paste
Teaching kids

We need more paste
It drys quick and clear

Dancing on table
What did you do?
I show how I used my materials

Watching Chris glow
I glow too but I can’t see it