zombie apocalypse dream

I drop the zombie apocalypse game and despite running I got bit and I turned into a zombie but I turned out to be kind of like a half breed where I was dead but I looked alive.

Then some real people came with the baby and we were able to walk up and see the couple in the cart and one of us they called us like Alvarez or something like that as long as we were with the people the rest of the zombies the mouthers didn’t attack them but soon as we walked away they had to run away because the others started to chase them.

Then they’re all going to plane and they’re all out of planes overhead and it turns out that the town has become a tourist attraction and people are flying over to check out what it was like in the zombie village.

There was one man was hitting on me I kind of just hung out in high places in around corners even though none of them just me I don’t like to be close to the other ones really.

Amplification of Zombie Alvarez and Mouther

This dream was incredibly vivid and that is why I decided to draw it and post about it.  After the drawing, I focused on the special term “Alvarez zombie” for an amplification. What I found from my google search were three artists (see below). I was particularly excited to find another artist who has illustrated the alphabet, as it’s a project I’m still working on. (mermaid type)

How I interpret the dream is that it is a reminder that art is a bridge between the overwhelming force of archetypal energies and the individual human ego.  What does it mean to be dead but look alive? What I’m feeling is the art itself is dead but alive. The artwork is not human but has the power to activate archetypal energies. What do you feel when you see a zombie? Most people feel fear. Even though the image is of a fictional character, art has the power to make people afraid, perhaps to change their behavior too. I also googled ‘Mouther Zombie” and google suggested “Mother Zombie“. (That google correction seemed also extremely appropriate considering the couple in my dream as well.) Go ahead and google image search for “Mother Zombie” and see what comes up! I hope you have a SPOOKY Halloween!!

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 4.24.55 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 4.27.17 PM

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