Why You Need to Work with a Professional Coach

Having a professional coach is an essential support for entrepreneurs. There are many programs available that provide coaching, and you need one to help keep you on track in developing not just a business but yourself too.

Schools sponsor free programs for helping entrepreneurs, there are nonprofits, and the list goes on if you google it. It takes time and effort to find a coach that is a good fit. I found a coach that has been incredibly supportive for the last four years, Robert Fahrer, Ph.D., M.A., the CEO of Intrepid Visioning Coaching and Consulting LLC. I would not be as happy with myself and my community today if it were not for the support of my professional coach.

Our connection was facilitated in a partnership between Hudson and the Women’s Economic Venture (WEV) Thrive in Five program. WEV offers many free trial program sessions to their students. Robert Fahrer, Ph.D., M.A., is a certified professional coach from the Hudson Institute of Coaching, among many other accomplishments. What makes his coaching so valuable to me is the vision:

Wherever and however we work, we want to help build ways of thinking and performance that will improve our client’s well-being and that of the greater community.

If you are interested in starting a creative project or a new business, I highly recommend getting a coach! Here are a few links to the organizations that have helped me on my journey: