January 2020 Calendar Art, The Birds Have Food and Shelter

January 2020’s calendar at is a digital drawing entitled, The Birds Have Food and Shelter. It’s a self soothing kind of image that shows two birds, who are out in the wild under the stars. They are close to their food and shelter. Night can be a dark and cold time and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s particularly cold outside. This fundamental image of birds, a winged animal associated with spirit and angles, reminds us that everything we need is close at hand.

“Because the birdsong might be pretty,
But it’s not for you they sing,
And if you think my winter is too cold,
You don’t deserve my spring.”
― Erin Hanson

Click the image to view and download the fill size media file.

I look forward to turning the page on my calendar to see the new artwork each month. Because I love this ritual so much, I’ve added it to my creative practice and change out the art on my digital devices too. It’s an opportunity to clean out the desktops and make everything nice for the start of a new month. If you like my artwork, and would like a reminder, I offer a monthly email so you can subscribe.

How to use this image as a calendar

Click on the image below to view the original file. Then depending on your device, you can right click or hold down your finger to save the image to your pictures. One the image is saved to your device, you can choose the option to use it as your desktop. If you have any questions, or would like me to email you the image, reach me at mitra@foreverbird.com