Beading, restringing my strand with a new pattern

Gemstones are beautiful and some are said to be medicinal, in the sense that if you wear them close to the skin, they can effect change in the body. I have one long strand of beads that I like to wear around the wrist or neck. As 2020 started, I needed to restring the beads. I wanted to group them by stone and have more patterns than the previous iteration, but still be a jumble of color and texture. I should have taken more photos before so I could compare them.

The beads I have are:

  • Moonstone – clear/white
  • Prasiolite – light green
  • Turquoise – Blue
  • Onyx – Black
  • Jasper – Red
  • Tiger eye – Brown
  • Abalone Shell – Blue Green
  • Citrine – Orange
  • Fluorite – Green
  • Amethyst – purple
  • Leopard Skin Jasper – brown
  • Assorted glass, metallic, and plastic accents