Mobile Art Studio: Playing with Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is an application that lets you design things in 3D. If you follow my work, you will know that I’ve been fantasizing about mobile art vehicles forever (basically)! From the functional to the artistic aspects. In the beginning, it was all about plants, like a little portable garden of Eden. As I’ve played with my ideas the vision has progressed and merged with the micro home movement.

3D Google SketchUp version for a custom van design.

360 photo of my work/living space

The micro-homes make a statement about prioritizing the environment. Because I’m from Southern California, it is possible to spend most of the time outside. Being outside and at home with the elements, and all of nature’s creatures is something I aspire too. Perhaps this mobile studio project will always remain a fantasy for entertainment. Maybe it will continue to evolve as an idea until I find the right combination of elements to complete the project. Certainly, many people are now making this vision a reality and watching their stories on YouTube is giving me lots of new ideas.

What you see in the Google SketchUp images is a variation of the indoor working space I have currently. I’ve also included a screenshot of the 4 season Revel, a 4×4 pre-made van that is super compact and exciting. In the last 5 years, I have been reducing my core living and working space. I’ve gone from a 1,000 square foot studio to one that *could potentially be 86 square feet. This has involved working out how to adjust materials to be stackable, foldable, and expandable – kind of like origami! While the footprint packs into something like 86 square feet, the expanded version takes in all of nature and the surrounding environment.