New Work Up, Inspired by Art Inc., Audiobook

Recently I finished the Art Inc. Audiobook by Lisa Congdon. She did a great job of going over the details of ‘ Building Your Career as an Artist’. What I appreciated the most from listening to her was the attitude conveyed with her reading. It’s like a second layer of information is communicated with the tone of the voice. In this case, her professional attitude about the work reminds me to take the work seriously, from start and finish. The finishing part, after the creative flow, is the hardest for me and many artists.

This year I’ve started taking my creative work more seriously. When I’m not working for other people, I’m working on my own art. Today I was scanning miniature paintings. The image below shows all the detail in the scan that I can use in other projects for digital art. In addition to making the art, it’s important to spend time photographing and storing them safely. These little paintings are fun for me to make, scan, and photograph. They are safe to mail, transport, store, and upload.

Scan with 100 detail on the far right side.
All 9 in the series with top and bottom matching as 9 double sided single works.

My favorite ones are the Man Lizard, Naked Butterfly, and White Flower Shell. These are all approximately 5.5-8 inches. I purchased 3 float frames for my favorites to display. I’ll be uploading a collage for prints on Fine Art America and making originals available in my online shop.