Female Magician Tarot Costume Design

Tomorrow is the summer solstice parade workshop kick off. This year the parade will be virtual. I joined an ensemble that will be creating costumes inspired by the tarot. In addition to making a female magician costume, I’m also volunteering to help others imagine their costumes.

To arrive at a tarot inspired design, the first step is looking at the tarot and it’s history. Below is the video I created about the tarot, it’s history, and connection to solstice.

Secondly, I went to Pinterest and collected a ton of examples from other card designs. Because this parade is video, these cards helped to envision movement. Flapping like a bird or dancing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever!

The vision was becoming clear after looking at examples so the next stage was sketching. Below is my sketch for the female magician costume. She need an infinity halo, wand, knife, cup, coin, robe, and table.

Next it was off to shop and see what would be a good match. I found costume materials with and Egypt theme because the gold wings that were drawn in the sketch are called Isis wings. I did not end up with Isis wings, but a similar outfit.

The only hand made item that I’ll be adding to this female magician costume is a coin necklace from polymer. Time is somewhat limited because the deadline to give summer solstice the video for the virtual parade is June 6. Also, making polymer round beads is what I’m already making in my studio. I’m very excited to make Egyptian theme designs.

If you are interested in Santa Barbara summer solstice parade, you can participate virtually from anywhere, so check it out: https://www.solsticeparade.com/

Testing it out!! I think I need a mask…