Images sticking in my mind on power, magic, transformation and balance

I’m interested in stories and images that we have about power. Two older cartoons have influenced me recently. The Avatar discovers his most powerful state and hangs suspended in a sphere of spinning wheels, one for each element: Fire, water, air, and earth. He defeats the fire lord and brings peace to the world. The last unicorn, discovers her power, defeats the Red Bull and frees all the other unicorns. The unicorns emerge from the sea in big waves as a heard galloping into the beach.

My own dreaming mind offered an image last night. Its included because I feel it speaks to the current events. We are struggling for words, for breath, and ways to make the world a just and balanced place again. In my dream, it’s a feeling of choking and being unable to speak. It’s surprise and also connection. In the dream I try to speak for a ghost but no words come and he disappears because I can see him.