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Volunteering with Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Virtual Parade


This summer, due to Covid-19, many annual events are having to rethink how to celebrate this year. The Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade decided to go virtual. The participants had about six weeks to envision how to transform their floats, dances, and costumes into a video. The final result was streamed on YouTube at noon on June 20th. While the experiment did have its technical challenges, I found the experience rewarding and fun. As a bonus, the ensemble I joined worked with the tarot as a theme.

Our group effort made the cover article in the local paper. It was a successful collaboration for sure! Below are two videos that I edited for this summer project. Credits: Mitra Cline Technical Director and Christine Hartman Producer and Creative Director – Tarot Ensemble – Solstice 2020. Cast, appearing in order: 1 Magician Mitra Cline, 2 High Priestess Sonya Bhakta, 3 Empress Juliet Clark, 11 Justice Christine Dawn, 17 Star Juli Askew, Queen of Pentacles Moira Blazi.

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