78 Mythical Tarot vs Ostara Tarot

The best tarot deck is the one you choose to use. A comparison review might help you decide between these two decks, the 78 Mythical Tarot, and the Ostara Tarot Tarot. The quick video review will cover the author, artist, publisher, packaging, card, booklet, artwork, and other miscellaneous details. The decks featured in these reviews are from a collection that spans over 20 years. When researching what deck is best for you, please be aware that each edition can be slightly different. See below the video for a link to help you find official sites.

More information about the cards

78 Mythical Tarot (2018)

  • Pricing: High End, Funded on Kickstarter each year

  • Limited Edition Printing (Currently Sold Out). Starting in 2014, there is a new theme each year.

  • Website: www.78tarot.cards

Ostara Tarot (2017)

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