Recent dreams and flights of fantasy

Active imagination: I was with you on the plane. There was turbulence and people texting you non stop. You were so excited to be traveling somewhere new. As we landed near the sun I watched Frida greet you and guide you home. I waved goodbye and said, ‘until we meet again my dear mystic sister, I love you forever.’

In memory of my beloved mystic sister, Lisa Schouw.

Dream: The story goes that a girl falls in love with a clown. He seems to be the man of her dreams. Her friends convince her to change into a green Alien with one eye and act differently. When he sees her her he is the same kind of person. She says I get it now, this clown doesn’t love me because he is always changing and agreeing with everyone.

Active imagination and amplified dream

A sacred marriage takes place within each person who is committed to honoring both universal and earthly boundaries or spiritual laws or laws of nature and heaven.

The dream bride is told that her fiancé has hidden his true nature. To discover the truth, she changes her appearance into a one eyed alien. Despite her changing, he is as agreeable as ever and so she knows he is agreeable to everything. On their wedding day he arrives with his true face of a clown. She knows she must always be true to her nature because he will always agree.

Did you know…

Clowns have traditionally served a socio-religious and psychological role, and traditionally the roles of priest and clown have been held by the same persons.

An extraterrestrial being is a being from another world.

What does it mean????

Perhaps we can stay positive and flexible. Humans have skills in humorous and serious ways to find truth.

What is a mask and what is the true you? History is full of rituals that speak to our dual nature.

Dream: She arrived with the whole family behind her and shook the foundation as her couch crashed into the house. She demands I look at the horrendous blemish covering the left side of her face. Together we realize it’s an illusion as she pulls herself together. All that remains is a smile and a light pink blush on her beautiful face.