Life at the Crossroads, A Traveling Tarot Reading for Jeff

This traveling tarot reading took place in the park on a Saturday morning. The encounter was spontaneous and on the topic of being at a crossroads in life. Jeff stopped to see what I was up to in the park. He recently arrived in Santa Barbara from the LA area and was unclear about where to go next, so a tarot reading was perfect. He agreed to let me record the reading to share his story of traveling and living on the streets. His question to spirit was for guidance on where to go next in his life. The outcome of this reading was a series of realizations he shares about his strong intuitive spirit and a choice to stay in the Santa Barbara area where he has found an abundant community, housing, friends, and opportunities to fix bikes.

After a tarot reading, it is time to reflect on how you felt about the reading. Consider if you feel like the messages are accurate or not. Only you can know what is true for you. If you have time, you might want to write down or share your experience with someone else you trust. Tarot is a Self-reflection tool that can provide insights into hidden parts of ourselves so people can make the best choices for them. It is also s a form of entertainment.

If you would like to explore tarot reading online, I offer them by donation. A Tarot Reading is 30 minutes and the Study Group: Tarot and Oracle Cards in a hour on the 1st Saturday of each month. The study group is open to beginners to advanced readers. In the group, we will explore cards intuitively together. Please bring a deck so you can share a card with the group as you feel called to contribute.