Setting Intentions for November, Mermaid Type Tarot Reading

This reading is timeless and intended to cover the energies for the month ahead. It was recorded for November 1, 2020. The reading is divided into the elements. The Mermaid Type Project is inspired by depth psychology. The brand experience is a personal journey in self-acceptance and personal development. It specifically addresses reading comprehension skills. You can learn more about the mermaid type project case study on digital marketing.

We have all elements in our astrology chart, but you may want to focus on one. You can jump to the element of your choice with the timestamps:

Earth 00:16 β€’ Air 03.17 β€’ Fire 06:12 β€’ Water 09:15

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πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ Disclaimers 🧜
After we have looked at the cards, it is time to reflect on how you felt about the reading. Consider if you feel like the messages are accurate or not. Only you can know what is true for you. If you have time, you might want to write down or share this experience with someone else you trust. Tarot is a Self-reflection tool that can provide insights into hidden parts of ourselves so people can make the best choices for them. It is a form of entertainment, and my education is in the fine arts and liberal arts. I hope you have enjoyed this mermaid type tarot reading.

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