Modern Witch Tarot vs Numinous Tarot

The best oracle deck is the one you choose to use. A comparison review might help you decide between Modern Witch Tarot vs Numinous Tarot. Both of these tarot decks are unique because they change the traditional gender roles. The Modern Witch Tarot is all women in all roles with a modern fashion styling to their outfits that is a sweet twist on familiar imagery. It also features a fabulous packaging design and a bonus 10 of Swords titled, everything is fine. The Numinous Tarot takes this gender and diversity theme a little more into a unique deck by changing the names and symbols. The author has pushed a new deck with similar themes of diversity and inclusivity that are a welcome update to these traditional images. Which deck do you like best?

The quick video review will cover the author, artist, publisher, packaging, card, booklet, artwork, and other miscellaneous details. The decks featured in these reviews are from a collection that spans over 20 years. When researching what deck is best for you, please be aware that each edition can be slightly different. See below the video for a link to help you find official sites.

More information about the cards

Modern Witch Tarot (2019)

Numinous Tarot (2019)

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