What the best mobile device lens attachment? Moment Fisheye vs 3-in-1 iPhone lens kit

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Front facing lens attached to iPad for tarot reading live on social apps.

Front facing lens attached to iPad for tarot reading live on social apps.

The best mobile phone lens attachment depends on your project needs. I recently purchased a Fisheye 15mm Lens from Moment. I wanted the 170-degrees to enlarge small spaces for the tarot reading I’ve been doing. The tarot reading is live and uses mobile apps like Facebook so a mobile device with a front-facing camera and screen works great. This purchase replaces the cheaper 3-in-1 lens set that came with a wide and macro attachment. I do recommend you start with affordable tools before investing because you can learn what tools best fit your needs.

Investigating the specific technical needs for your project is recommended before investing in equipment. This post is part of the Mermaid Type Tarot case study, in my portfolio.

Moment Lens vs Normal iPhone photo

As expected, the Moment lens is much higher quality and fits my needs perfectly. In addition to purchasing the lens, I also got a clip attachment so that I can place it on my iPad, iPhone, or computer. They also upsold me on a branded pen to clean the lens. The packaging and products are a wonderful addition to my little studio kit. Below you can see a regular photo compared with the fisheye view on my tiny photo booth.

Moment lens vs. 3-in-1 iPhone Fisheye Lens

The sharpness of the image and the halo from a poor fit are the main differences. Below is a photo comparison. You can also check out the video quality difference. Click to view the video of the Moment lens video vs. 3-in1 clip lens video on Periscope. I’m still experimenting with the tools, and that is half the fun! Whatever your budget, there is a lens option for you to play with. If you would like to purchase one of these, here are the Amazon affiliate links: