Worries, a long dream

We talk about a past company trip. I’m new and sitting in the middle of everyone. The guys start talking about women. I get uncomfortable and leave.

Walking in bad shoes.

Photo of shoes from series of photographing personal items in college dorm (2004/5)

I stop by two women at a bench. I’m next to a huge tv in a retail window display. They agree I should walk barefooted. It feel better and head into town confidently. But I get worried about my feet. Waiting for mom to pick me up…

I go to buy new shoes 

In an unfamiliar place. Not sure she will find me. This place sells cameras and is also like a museum. It like a bazaar or old market feel. The shops are all open and stuffs on the table. They have tables of shoes and ice cream too. I ask for ice cream from the girls there. I tell them I don’t like melting ice cream

They show me to a new flavor of ice cream

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

If it’s cold, I’ll try it. I text JP. He hardly replies. I thinks I texted him with the wrong name. Like I don’t know who I’m talking too. He’s a tattoo artist now.

I think that’s cool

Photo of Brad’s Tattoo.

Mom does get me. We go back to the housesitting place. There are giant peaches on the shelves. In the kitchen we squeeze them. And they are all ripe.

One peach is melting on the counter and I’m worried about fruit flies.