February Giveaway: Tarot Cards!


Mermaid Type Tarot PARTY Edition

The tarot deck comes with a miniature guide book, cloth bag, cards, and tuck box. See below for a tour of the decks or visit on Instagram to see more of the cards. Made in the USA. Open Edition Print Series by Mitra Cline.

he Mermaid Type Tarot project is about seeking answers and understanding to life and alchemical transformation. Explore the depths of symbols and signs with intuitive reading skills. Tarot is a Self-reflection tool that can provide insights into hidden possibilities hoping that people can make the best choices for themselves. Tarot is a fun game, and friendly entertainment. My education includes a Bachelors in Fine Arts and Masters in Arts with an emphasis in depth psychology, so I like to weave educational information in the answers too. I hope you will consider supporting my creative work by sharing it with people who would appreciate it, joining as a member, donating, or reading about the project history.