Zodiac And Tarot Collage Sets

I’ve finished a zodiac collage set created for a monthly tarot reading viseo project. The part of my creative mind that loves to plan creative systems is loving this tarot project puzzle. It’s a visual and time based project presented in social media. These collages will be for the third attempt at producing a set of videos for the month of March. Thanks to covid, I have plenty of time to figure out this puzzle.

I’ve enjoyed playing with symbols in my art forever. What’s different between than and now is my intention. Today I have more clarity about how and why to combine the images. I feel nostalgic about the ‘Monster Soul + Body Mutants’ time in my life. It was a long road to sort out the angels and the monsters. It’s an ongoing progress but for sure I am much more confident in my work with icons and symbols. Here you can see a comparison of then and now with the slider.

One of the challenges with this project is that I want to create square, landscape, and portrait versions of the same content with minimal effort. My solution is to use a collage and keep the unique content in the middle section. Below you see the landscape and the portrait version of the same set of collages.

In January I started system for producing a set of zodiac videos and I refined that for February. In January I worked on the main video that has all of the signs in it. In February I made the first collages in landscape mode for each of the cards and plan to finish off both orientations for the cards and zodiac signs, totalling 180 collage files. In March the readings should be both simpler and more attractive at the same time. At least that is my intention =) If you like the tarot readings, check out the Tarots.Today site. I’ll be posting more about the art and process on this site.