Making mushroom pendants 🍄 LIVE with music

Mushrooms grow everywhere and they come in so many interesting shapes and colors. A friends been posting photos of them on her hikes in the redwoods of coastal Northern California and it’s inspired me!

The pendents were made over the weekend. It kept my hands and mind busy while I was anticipating the release of the SB Home Project.

In the fall of 2020, my artist proposal to participate in the SB Home Project was accepted. The final piece, Fire and Life, was recently published and is now available to watch online. My part is one in a series that features local talent. The project presents a collection of stories from individuals who consider Santa Barbara home. We did everything over zoom and only the very final steps were in person. I found the process really fruitful creatively, emotionally, and personally. It was my first time writing for a theatre piece and it was a collaboration with the director, Sara Rademacher, and actress, Brooklyn Snyder. I’ve added a link to read more about the project and to watch the final video on the Marjorie Luke Theatre’s website. It’s an invitation to think about the stories we share with others, our shared identity, shared space, and what makes a home.

I’ve been sharing 4 hours of my studio time with live sessions and music. If you have clay and would like to virtually have some company while you create, check out the replay. It’s on my tarot and open studio channel, called Tarots Today. I’m also giving away a set of tarot cards this month if you want to enter to win them – links below the video 🙂