nightmare symbols, worm, black, dust under my skin dreams

I’ve noticed a series of nightmares about having black stuff under my skin. Below are images and text that go from the fear to the antidote. I think these dreams represent real concerns and anxiety about pain. My dreams provided support images to calm the fears and they might help you if your experiencing these kinds of dreams too. Dream interpretation is very personal and I encourage you to explore your own dream symbols too.

In this post I share some of my dreams with you and also how my mind seems to have resolved the issue over 5 years from January of 2016 to January 2021. Also, I found an artist who shared her story of managing a picking disorder that many people have. Her TED talk video at the end of the post is worth watching. Sharing a nightmare or a friendly dream figure in the comments is welcome.

Small black worm
flee like
under my thumb
and crawling under my skin.
I can’t catch it.
It comes in and out.

Talking about Indian business
I pick at plants stuck in my thumb
They hurt
My dad looks
I see something long and skinny
A vein like under the skin
A worm allergy
It hurts he grabs it and pulls
I need help I say

Am I sick?
I have large welts zits on the right arm
Mom looks
She digs at them
It hurts
She says it’s nothing
In the large one
She uncovers a strand
Like a long centipede burrowed
Pulled out
I spit up a moving worm
Little inside a sleeve
I need medicine to kill
The parasite

I’m with a guy and he’s unhappy at me I’m sad or something and I ask him what’s gonna take to make them happy and surprisingly he responds I decorated 10 beautiful rooms. Are you showing me the first room and then the second room their feathers and they’re supposed to be falling from the sky but they stop following we pick them up by hand and threw them in the air. In the third room the lights are out and I look over the fence and I see a bear in the dark wondering around it’s kind of scary we back up out of the room. Are used all my magical night to conjure up a blow dryer and I turned it on in the face of this scary woman are you staring at me from the dark she has green veins in her skin.

I shake my hands and use the magnetic force to draw out the dark worms from my fingertips

There is a big work truck, maybe a dump truck that’s coming up fast behind mikes truck. He’s got a plan and causes an accident so the truck  he’s in falls down the hill. The other two guys jump out to go rescue him from the crash. He’s got lots of rods like big acupuncture needles. They start to pull them out and one releases black dark ‘dust’. They get excited and take him to the doctor to remove the rest because it’s evidence of some wrongdoing by the company. I’m worried he’s hurt but he seems strong despite the accident and there is no blood or anything.