Glass eye photos – wow 😳

Sometimes there are happy accidents and this glass eye photography is one of those times! In arranging the set, and display, a second level of illusion was captured. It’s subtle that the landscape photo orientation looks like the edge of a face, a somewhat skeleton or skull like anatomical portrait. I love it!

The photos bring up questions about conscious, the boundaries that define living creatures from inanimate objects. Also, a moment for reconsidering the nature of consciousness and soul and spirit. Especially for those of us who have changed ourselves by modifying our ‘natural’ bodies with medical and cosmetic devices and procedures-for me it’s corrective lenses.

My perspective is that everything is connected, animate and therefore our relationship to the ‘others’ is vital for our collective wellbeing. Respect and curiosity are magical tools in this kind of discovering and exploring other ways of being. In a playful way the ‘one eye’ display is a play on words about an emerging collective identity. Nature shows us why we must learn how to become more united with challenges like a global pandemic.