The Priestess NFT

New creations in 3D NFTs of the Mermaid Type Tarot decks are going up for sale soon. They are editions of one and to see the full 3D online you must view on OpenSea. I love how perfect the designs look in VR. I designed the cards with a gold edge, metallic effect, and a little glow. The Priestess is one of my favorite cards in the Tarot Deck. At the bottom of this post is a movie of the digital drawing process. Not all the cards were created digitally and the video is one a just a few in the tarot series.

The Priestess, Party Edition

The Priestess Mermaid Type Tarot Card, Party Edition. She is the oracle, all-seeing and all-knowing. Her spiritual wisdom is not available for those unable to see past the veil. Some see her as a keeper of mysteries and secrets. The first sale includes unlockable option for a signed print and a license for the Mermaid Type Font.